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No String, Spoon, Tag, Mess or Paper
Taste... Just pure enjoyment.



Tstix has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona USA – with production, technical development, finance, accounts, logistics, marketing and sales all based here in the South-West.

Distribution is KING!

Tstix® is keen to make contact with innovative retailers, fast food, food service and catering companies who want to market and promote Tstix® Teas to their customers here in the USA.

Tstix® welcomes International and Export inquiries too.


Please feel free to call on TOLL FREE 844.44.Tstix (87849) OR email OR use the contact form on this website.

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If you hate the mess and paper taste of teabags, but love tea–Tstix are the answer.

Tstix are the new way to enjoy tea–no strings, tags, staples, no burnt fingers or fishing–you just place a Tstix in your cup, pour on the boiling water and stir your way to a perfect cup of tea.


Just stir it!

BPA Free

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