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No String, Spoon, Tag, Mess or Paper
Taste... Just pure enjoyment.

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Just stir it!

Discover what makes Tstix so much smoother to drink than teabag teas. Forget strings, tags and leave the teabag drips and mess behind.

Tstix Classic Black, Green and Fruit flavored teas are sourced from some the world’s best tea growing regions in India, China and South Africa, and packed and blended in the USA.



Discover why Tstix Active-infusion teas have the ‘wow’ factor, style and make tea drinking fun for all.

Tstix Patented Technology and unique package won a Prestigious WorldStar Packaging Award for Innovation. A true invention, designed to change the world of tea.


Great Products

From Classic English Breakfast tea, to Classic Green tea, Spearmint Tea, Berry Bliss, Lemon Lime and more.

You'll love the smooth taste and great flavors of Tstix teas, sourced from tea estates in some of the world’s best tea growing regions.



If you hate the mess and paper taste of teabags, but love tea–Tstix are the answer.

Tstix are the new way to enjoy tea–no strings, tags, staples, no burnt fingers or fishing–you just place a Tstix in your cup, pour on the boiling water and stir your way to a perfect cup of tea.


Just stir it!

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